We partnered with a range of authentic, multi-faceted people who embody the spirit of Live.Light.
Those who live life to the full, with passion and positivity;
open-mindedness and an on-the-go lifestyle.

Meet Clara Sojung Tan

Clara is an engineer by day, and loves to get into the dance studio once work is done.

For her Live Light means being accepting and open to great things coming your way. Embracing the opportunity you have in the moment, and letting life express itself through you.

Clara’s top picks

Introducing Jess Young

Jess is a Nail Technician by day, before getting out her decks for a night of DJing.

She lives light by going with the flow and embracing uncertainty. As complex as life can get, it all comes down to trusting the universe. Knowing that things don’t happen to me, but for me, and expressing gratitude in order to attract abundance in all areas of life.

Discover Jess’s favourite bags

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Crossbody Bag


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Shoulder Bags


Say hello to Emma Bakare

Emma is a law student by day, and college athlete by night.

For her, Live Light is about having multiple interests and activities that keep her driven and feeling new each day. Studying to be a lawyer and training as a competitive athlete fits very nicely into that.

Emma’s go-to-bags